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Ask and You Shall Receive

A Simple Tactic That Can Change Your Life

It's not out of the ordinary for so many of us to feel stuck at various points in our lives. To feel like we are alone and that no one wants to help us. For several years I felt like that and a lot of my life I spent solving things all on my own.

But if there is one thing that I learned from that entire experience is that while I would say I'm more independent, I've also become someone who is admittedly pretty lonely. Not only that but I realize that I can only do so much on my own.

For several years since I started my business, I felt stuck, confused, and unsure. All because I decided to trudge through this adventure all on my own. And while all of that is commendable, it's important to recognize that you need people.

You need people for your business to grow.

You need people for you to grow as well.

And you can only get so far with your own efforts alone.

It's for this reason why I've gotten better and more comfortable with using another tactic. A tactic that has changed my life and I believe will change my life even more now. 

No longer am I travelling and toughing all of this out all on my own. The reason being that I found this tactic and you can see it in my most recent video below.

Did you figure out what that tactic is?

No, it's not exactly setting up a Patreon account to help support me. In fact, it's how I delivered that request.

I asked.

For the longest time, I felt I didn't deserve funding or an income when I started my business and that is one of the many dangers of doing this all on your own. 

You get inside your head and sometimes it's not the greatest place to be.

I'm not denying that I still need work on my mindset. 

Everyone still does for we are imperfect beings. 

However, asking for help is a huge step for so many of us in our lives and here is why: not that many people do it.

Like I said above I was working solo and was so stubborn that I didn't want to be relying on other people. This really doesn't make sense when a business depends on people to revolve around them and support them. 

I would not be creating content if no one was looking at it because as an artist, we want to be heard and discovered.

We also wish to be paid, no matter how strongly we believe in the whole "starving artist."

I understand that now and it took a long time for me to realize that. It's for this reason why I'm taking a step forward now by asking for support on Patreon.  

Of course, this is optional, but if you enjoy my content and want to see more of it, I realize I need to be fed. It's a simple concept.

But by realizing this concept you can begin to see how asking can transform your life. If you're asking for a selfish reason where no one gets anything in return, you're creating a toxic environment. Not to mention, people are reluctant to support those people.

I'm not one of those people as I am committed to helping others and I'd like to continue forward with my work.

For me, genuine asking is permitting yourself to be vulnerable. I see asking as a way of swallowing your pride. It's a good step forward and in my life, it has changed my perspective in business. 

I went from a literal starving artist to an artist actually making a decent amount of money. I'd like to further change that by becoming a thriving artist. I want to be helping other people the way that I've always wanted to. But I realize now that I can't do this all by myself.

By asking, I literally changed my life from a drop of a hat and I think by asking again in this manner I'll be able to change again even further. But not all of this is for my sake.

The reason I'm sharing my story is that asking can transform other lives too. Whether it's for support, a shoulder to cry on, or money, there's no shame in it when you are asking for those things to grow your own life and transform it. 

Through asking, you can make massive steps in your life when you ask properly. That is by offering something in return.

It's for this reason why I used Patreon as it's a platform that allows me to give back to those who are supporting me. But it's also why I'm going above and beyond that by using goals instead of tiers. That way, everyone benefits.

So be confident in yourself, swallow your pride, and ask people for support. So long as you have something to offer in return, your life can change dramatically. Try it out.

To your growth!

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Ask and You Shall Receive
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