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Are You at Threshold?

Are you ready to make the change?!

The key for my hypnotherapy work to have maximum impact, is that my clients have a genuine desire to make the changes they want in their lives. Far too often I’m asked, “Can you help me quit smoking?!” And expect us to wave a magic wand to ‘cure’ them, without taking any responsibility or helping themselves.

This is largely down to the fact that they just aren’t ready to give up the habit, or to put themselves outside of their comfort zones just yet. Their ‘threshold’ for change hasn’t been met yet, and this is when the excuses start coming. “I’ll start next Monday.” “I’ll finish this pack off first.” “I’ll wait until I’m ready for this.”

What does it mean to be at this point of ‘threshold’ for change?! It’s the mental state that we need to reach before any intervention or change work takes place, and this comes down to 3 points.

The realisation that something has to change.

That change has to come from me.

That change has to happen right now.

However, us therapists, social workers, life coaches, etc. can’t force our clients to reach this point.

The first part of being at the point where something needs to change in our lives, is that we actually recognise that the change needs to happen, because it’s causing a hinderance to us and holding back our progress.

The change has to come from us. Which means that we are doing this for ourselves, not because our wives, girlfriends, boyfriends etc. tell us we need to do this for our benefit… We choose to change or improve ourselves, no one else.

And finally that this change needs to happen right now. No waiting until we’ve finished smoking our 20 pack of smokes, no more making excuses as to why it has to wait, start right now, seize the moment!

How can we help ourselves to reach this point?! Ask yourself these questions……

“What will happen if things stay the same? And how will you feel?”

“What have you done so far that hasn’t worked?”

“What will happen if you don’t make the change, and what will happen if you do make the change today?!”

And the magic question… “When you have made all the changes you desire, how will you feel? What will look different?”

And finally… Instead of answering the magic question with what you WON’T have or feel, such as cravings or unwanted feelings, think of what you WILL have and feel… Great energy levels… The freedom to live life on your own terms… The stones to BE somebody…

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Are You at Threshold?
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