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Am I Emotionally Equipped with Great Defenses?

It's important to train our mind with the right defenses— how can emotional intelligence help us stay on guard in life?

I can feel the offense arousing; this is my cue to I stop the conversation and ask can we revisit this to have a fair outcome, this in turns helps our relationship stay untainted and respectful.

After being in a car accident in some cases, the law requires you to take defensive driving to train you to be a safer driver. Similarly, preparing the mind against reckless behavior or self-sabotaging energy is essential to living a healthier life.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) can help us stabilize our emotions when things start to look a little unpredictable or becoming seemingly unmanageable. It would be wise to implement the following tools that will help us navigate and maneuver through toxic energies and situations we are unable to foresee.

Five areas we should cultivate that will help navigate and maneuver through any situation we are faced with:

1. Self-Control

Staying calm is a spiritual attribute, our imperfection tends to get the best of us at times. We can fall into the habit of impulsive reactions that can lead to abusing ourselves or others. Self-regulating will help guide us on the right path cultivating self-control. We witness on the news every day— parental, cultural and workplace violence, if not careful we can succumb to this same kind of behavior. Taking time reflecting on our actions can bring some awareness, we would respond consciously and calmly—training the mind to SEE what can happen if we react negatively.

Self-Control is a peace a human seeks, once this is attained we can live through any dark moments.

2. Versatility

In life, we will experience change, why should we develop versatility as another useful tool when it comes to self-regulating? You should never adapt to anything just because it has become the latest trend, we have learned through history (past experiences) one popular idea does not make it a sound one. However, we are in the time of the millennials everything is about "change" from workplace change to smart systems. More importantly, some people are battling divorce, natural disasters or even terminal illness. If we learn to be flexible, this will aid us during a difficult time in our life, including coping with a lost loved one.

3. Optimism

Attitude make a difference, having a healthy spiritual foundation can help us during difficult times—an old Proverbs: “If you become discouraged in the day of distress, your strength will be meager (deficient).” One reader learned to keep negative thoughts out by concentrating on something constructive. Although, what we are facing could be difficult staying positive is essential for our mental and physical health. Practicing love and patience the more can lighten the load, these two traits are also considered as spiritual attributes.

4. Conflict

Conflict is inevitable—not focusing on the worst can help resolve the problem quickly and with dignity. During my time in Human Resource, you learn that conflict is entirely natural and not all battle is terrible. Nevertheless, here are some useful tips that can help us analyze and make the right call: think about the cause of the conflict, then accurately assess both sides with the intent to be fair will lead to a solution. “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

5. Change Catalyst

Short and sweet, a change catalyst is all about results (making the call) apply the change our life needs, it can be hard yet necessary we don't want to spend valuable time just having fun, we need to plan our lives for every stage! If we do not take action, then we can spend the rest of our lives repeating the same mistakes. Be the active change catalyst and make the tough calls this is the only way we will see the results in our lives that we deserve.

I hope this article was light and yet informative. Please click the link "Anastasia Adams" at the top of the page for more great articles and short stories.

If you enjoyed this article, please share and give it a thumbs up and always remember the joy and love we want to see in the world begins inwards and expands outwards.

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Am I Emotionally Equipped with Great Defenses?
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