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A Wealthy Place


Unwritten books, never reached potential, visions never manifested, etc. Where can all these places be found... a cemetery.

As Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said "A single conversation across the table with a wise man is better than ten years mere study of books."

As humans, we believe that we are immortal but only in our fears. I believe destiny is written in stone but fate is determined by our inner beings. As a tree is rooted, it grows with many branches. We all make choices by the end of the night and the devil may cry as well. Do we wish to fade away as dreams become erased slowly but surely as if this was the game plan from the very beginning, no? Do we wish for the knowledge that we have obtained to never be passed down, shared only among those that tell no tales? Or is it fair to say that we will only reach our full potential after we've only scraped the bottom of the barrel and never progressed? We are already wealthy... beyond belief.

Everyone wants to be a diamond but no one is willing to get cut. Fearless as children yet pessimistic as a hoarder. To live only to keep what we have gained and do nothing with it, a king may sit on the throne created of the same bones that he himself has made. We reap what we sow. We earn our keep.

In chess, the only way for a pawn to become king is to create his own kingdom. To shape a board so others may plant their own seed and one day, enjoy in bliss the fruit of their own labor. There is nothing to lose. We are not designed to be pawns, associated with puppets, to be moved against our own accord. Here's the funny part, the punch line, the grand finale... We are the ones in control. So, we keep the same attitude that got us here, the same mindset that keeps everyone in this place, the same actions that restrain us from following our dreams and changing someone's life for the betterment.

They say a nice guy will tell you what you want to hear, a good man will tell you what you need to hear. Is your character that well developed that you would let the blessing of opportunity knock on your door and not open it? Every day is a new opportunity, every second is yours for the taking. To gain possession of Father Time's gift as if it were nine-tenths of the law and not only seize the day; take advantage of this present, unwrap the ribbon with a smile from ear to ear, whether it be gold or dirt, and utilize it.

Until the end, when we stare at our reflection in the mirror, when we have made the bed that we lie in from anxiety, fear, and perplexities, we look back in sorrow and depression from all the options we had, the excuses we have made, the words we have never uttered, the opportunities you and I let slip by. Yes, I am guilty as well and will let it all go for you and I are nothing but humans, spirits on a physical journey.

In the discovery of King Arthur, it is said he went into twelve battles, all with the image of the Virgin Mary on his shoulder. On the final battle, he defeated 960 enemies by his lonesome and stood on top of the mountain of foes with nothing but faith and work on his shoulders. They had a dream for Rome... "Romanitas," a city based upon unity because from the beginning, the emperor was one of the people, a warrior. As Father Time grew, the emperor became one of the scholars. They were in constant motion, always acting on their visions. Letting a moment slip by wasn't an option. Now imagine their cemetery, a library filled with the wealth of so many nations, from the wise to the naïve, winners to losers. It's agreed upon that we may all learn something from one another. All roads lead to Rome and history is doomed to repeat they self only if we allow it. Change is the only thing constant in this world.

All the gold of Babylon cannot purchase this. This is no mere transaction. All the debt in the world could never amount to this, we owe the present to Father Time. All the proverbs in the world could not hope to explain what we have, it's unfathomable. Hard to explain yet so easy to understand. A déjà vu from the future.

There can be nothing behind your feelings, absolutely nothing but behind every reason... there is a promise.

"If you want to change the fruits, you have to change the roots." - T. Harv Eker

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A Wealthy Place
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