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7 Ways to Be Happy Today

7 Ways to Pick Yourself Up Without Anyone's Help

Woke up in a funk? I feel you. That's usually how I wake up in the morning. Usually I dread getting out of bed and wish to ignore all of my responsibilities for the day. The only way that I can get myself out of that funk is to get myself motivated with something good that I have going on that day.  Even if it's just seeing a friend for a few minutes or going to a class that I enjoy (yeah, I actually enjoy one or two) it helps to brighten up my day knowing I have something to look forward to. Here are 10 of some of my top ways of being happy every day. 

1. Look good, feel good.

One of my life mottos; look good, feel good. If you get up in the morning and put something on that makes you feel like a hundred bucks, than why wouldn't you feel good! If sweatpants make you feel good, who cares what people think? You should wear something that makes you feel confident in yourself. My mood instantly improves 10 times faster when I wear a flattering top and a cute pair of shoes. So do it—wear the shoes! 

2. Eat something good for you.

Yeah I know, healthy foods might not always be your go-to snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And they're a hassle to buy since they're usually more expensive than that bag of chips you have in your cart. But eating something good for you can improve your mood, because you're not putting all those preservatives, fats, and fake sugars into your system. By eating something healthy every day like fruit and veggies, you will have more energy throughout your day, and you'll start to feel better. So even if it's just an apple in the morning, or some veggies with dinner, every step counts. Especially for student athletes—being a swimmer, my diet affects my performance. I have seen better results from changing how I eat each day, but of course on the weekends I know that I can treat myself to a little ice cream after practice. 

3. Give a compliment to someone.

You might know that you look good today, but the person sitting next to you might be feeling like shit. Don't be afraid to let that person know that they look good today, or that they had a good idea during class. You might just makes someone's day. 

4. Don't procrastinate.

I am the queen of procrastinating, whether it be papers or projects or small homework assignments. But the less you procrastinate, the less daily stress that you'll be under. I like to write everything down for my daily, weekly, and monthly schedules in a planner, so that I don't need to be stressed about remembering everything. I can get everything done in a timely manner and plan for what I have to have done sooner rather than later. 

5. Do something fun.

You can't spend the entire day doing boring things because by the end of the day, you will be ready to rip your hair out. You'll feel suffocated and more stressed than when you started. Try taking small breaks in between what you have to do so that you can refuel. You'll feel better, and your activities will be more productive in the end. Trust me, it does work! If that homework assignment is due tomorrow, it can wait until after you eat dinner. 

6. Write down your plans for the week/weekend.

I know that I get a little pep in my step when I think about the fun or positive things that I have to look forward to during the week or weekend. I usually like to write these down because then I have comfort in knowing everything that is going on at all times so that way I can have a planned out schedule and I won't need to plan things willy nilly. But if that's for you—then go for it! Just think of all the things you could do, like go shopping, hang out with friends, go to the movies. Even sit around and do nothing for a while! The possibilities are endless but the point is, treat yo' self. 

7. Love yourself.

This is so so so important. This is a concept that I only just learned recently and it takes a long time to master, but once you can learn to love yourself inside and out, you'll be able to enjoy your life a whole lot more. Obviously this doesn't mean be a bitch to people because you think you're better than everyone else, but putting yourself first every once in a while and doing what makes you unconditionally happy can go a long way. YOU are the leader of your own life. If you let others run you, you will give all your love to other people and won't have enough for yourself. So pick up your chin and walk with confidence. Because you are you, and that should be able to make you happy every day. 

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7 Ways to Be Happy Today
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