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5 Tips to Boost Self Confidence

On the Road to Success

We all have those days where our beating heart seems like it’s about to pop out. Sometimes you can’t help it, we get nervous over a lot of things. Because of embarrassment? Insecurity? Introversion? Well if I could help it in any way, I would. Self confidence isn’t always the easiest thing grasp.

1. The Bright Side

When faced with a situation where you think of it as only bad, try to see the positive. Think, will it help anyone? Will this be good for me? If yes, you’re probably doing something that you shouldn’t be worried about. Whenever I get nervous before presenting something in school, I just tell myself that this is going to take less than 10 minutes. What’s that compared to a lifetime? Even if it is embarrassing, it’s not like everyone only focuses on you. People have other things to worry about.

2. Self-doubt

Never doubt yourself, go with your gut. If you really feel like you should be doing something, you probably should. If you ever feel that you’re not good enough for something that you really want, don’t put yourself down. Obviously you have a passion, so go for it. How do you know it won’t turn out good if you don’t even make an effort. What if you could be the best at what you do. You’ll never know unless you try.

3. Discuss

Whether with someone else or yourself, talk. It’s the easiest way to let out how you feel. Never think it’s weird to talk to yourself, we all do it, even if it’s just in our heads. This is how I memorize, comprehend, and focus. Before you’re about to take action, pep yourself. Tell yourself you can do it, it’ll be nothing, or, why not? I say “why not” a lot to my self or when I’m encouraging others. It get me thinking, really, why not? What reasons should I not do this other than not being comfortable?

4. Forget the Past

Is a past experience holding you down? Then let it go, the past doesn’t define us. If you’ve done something before and it didn’t turn out all that great, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen again. Don’t keep the past in the front of your thoughts. The past isn’t present facts. If you used to be uncomfortable with something like your weight, it’s not important anymore. Hint to “used to." If you’re unsure about something and your reason has to do with a “used to” then it’s not an excuse.

5. Pay No Attention

Have you wanted to do something and you were sure and secure but someone told you that they didn’t think you were right for it? Now you’re unsure and insecure? Others opinions aren’t important when it comes to YOUR personal preference and YOUR happiness. Don’t change your mind once you’ve made a decision, especially not in the hands of someone else. Your thoughts, your needs, your wants, YOUR life.

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5 Tips to Boost Self Confidence
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