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5 Simple, yet Important, Steps to Overcome Laziness on Your Day Off

How to Get Things Done Instead of Just Doing Them Tomorrow

List it!

I’m one of many people who suffer from “being too lazy” syndrome. You know you have it if you want to get lots of things done on your upcoming day off but never seem to make it to them or consistently push them off till tomorrow. But we all know that when tomorrow comes—we go through the same routine and therefore all the things we wanted to do get pushed on to the next day, again. 

So here are five simple but important steps to overcome laziness on your next day off.

Step 1: Get a notepad!

Writing down your tasks/errands helps to make it easier when the time comes to actually do them. Making a list where you can check off the things you’ve done will not only keep you organized, but you will actually feel better with every check mark you scribble next to the completed tasks. It will soon become a goal to get all your tasks checked off and once you’ve completed it, you’ll feel so much better, relaxed, and enjoy the rest of your day off!

Step 2: Set your alarm early!

I am most definitely not a fan of getting up early but if you make yourself do it, you’ll find there’s so much more time in the day to get all the things done on your list. Think of it this way—the earlier you get up, the faster you get your tasks done, and the more time you’ll have for the rest of the day doing other, fun things. You can enjoy the rest of your day better knowing you have nothing to do later or tomorrow.

Step 3: Take breaks!

Rewards are not just for dogs, we need them too! They may not be in the form of a Scooby-snack, but you get the picture. Reward yourself with breaks, snacks, rest, phone-time, or even a 30-minute episode of one of your favorite shows! Breaks are needed! Depending on how tedious your list of tasks is, pace yourself accordingly ranging from five to 30-minute breaks.

Step 4: Stay on track!

If you feel yourself weaning of the task track then nip it in the bud. Remind yourself of what needs to get done today and that you will feel so much better once it’s all done. Refer back to your list if need be and look at how much you’ve achieved and how much is left. Keep up the good work, don’t fail now!

Step 5: Liven the mood with music!

Most people love music, I know I do! Incorporate music into your day. I love to play music on my Bose speaker while I complete my tasks! This helps to keep me in a happier mood nevertheless, I love to sing! It helps me get through my day more happily. Play music and notice your attitude change!

These steps have always helped me when needing to get things done on my next day off! Try it! You’ll feel so much better knowing you’ve done what you’ve needed to and spend the rest your day doing what you want!

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5 Simple, yet Important, Steps to Overcome Laziness on Your Day Off
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