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25 by 25

25 Things to Do at, or by 25 Years Old, and Beyond

25 can be a scary age, if you're not prepared. You are no longer a young and dumb 21-year-old who's just figuring out the matrix and who can get away with countless excuses. You kinda, have to be on your SH*T.

You've been there done that (well sort of) and you more or less know the gist of what you want, but you aren't quite sure how to get it or by when all those goals you've been working on will align just the way you want them to. You are YOUNG, actually at your PRIME (I must add), and you have your whole life ahead of you, with so much still to accomplish, and with quite a bit of room for error.

Coming from a 24-year-old, currently writing this for when I turn 25, trust and believe that I'm cringing at the very thought of getting older, much less turning that dreaded 25! The one thing that keeps me excited about turning 25 is looking forward to a new year of goals to accomplish and new things to try. There are many things I've already done, but I still have so many more things to accomplish, this coming year and beyond.

So here is a list I've devised of 25 things to do at, or by 25 years old, to keep you younglings pressed.

1TRAVEL and travel alone... people will hold you back, and so will your career, kids, and spouse in a few years. DO IT NOW!

2. Start a business. "Man cannot survive on bread alone." Jesus said, meaning one source of income (and God, but thats another topic), so take up a side hustle, heck two or three. It's a cold world out there and I got future kids to feed!

3. Vote: Well, if you haven't done your civic duty by now, I really don't know what to say. *Turns to the mirror and sadly looks at myself in disdain.* (I was in different countries at the wrong time, don't judge me.)

4. Volunteer: It feels good to help others for nothing in return.

5. Network: I'll have to write another article for this one because... I have A LOT to say.

6. Teach: Try to spread the knowledge you have with others, whether it's teaching a language, music, art, mathematics, a craft. Knowledge is power, and by teaching others, we learn more about ourselves.

7. Save money and invest... in stock, property, education. You know? Small things?

8. Choose a hobby/interest you've never tried before... and stick to it for a year. BE CONSISTENT!

9. Get fit... b(n)uff said.

10. Look hot! Yes, there's a difference. Develop a sense of style/fashion. Your 20s are your prime (body wise). Show them off in some fresh prints. (Ashley Banks, SIR)

11. Become a bonafide CHEF, for your-DAMN-self! Your honestly too old to be making Alfredo pasta for every meal. Come on now.

12. Show up to a private party UNINVITED! Because... why not?

13. I don't know who needs to hear this right now, but... GET YOUR LICENSE!

14. Strengthen your relationship with your parents and grandparents. They are getting older and they still have a lot of knowledge to pass on. They love you and miss you.

15. Delve deeper into your spirituality/religion.

16. Re-watch old movies from your childhood. Ahhhh the simple days.

17. Pursue SOME form of higher education... in whatever you wish, could be a Master's, Bachelor's, a self-taught skill, real-estate perhaps? WHATEVER, but don't ever stop learning.

18. Rediscover your city/hometown. Know your surroundings well, it's helped me survive so many situations and it's just good to know. Plus get out the house and go do something!

19. Visit your teachers in your old high school/university. They'll miss you more than you think they would and you'll be reminded of how much you've grown since. #growthcheck

20. This may seem obvious but, spend time on your own. Take yourself on dates, to restaurants, movies, hikes IDK, IDC. But #gettoknowthynself Don't be a codependent, whiny lil BRAT!

21. Give back. If you've got either money, time, and/or talents, give them back to others, you're too blessed not to.

22. LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE! Say it louder for those in the back. Language can take you to further places than a plane ever will. Trust and believe that's the truth! Being bi-lingual is also a major key in expanding your network.

23. Get your natal chart done! You may think you're too old to be believing in zodiac signs, but I think you're too old to not understand yourself, your purpose. and how to use your personality and natural traits to your advantage! BTW I do readings, and I'm good, so link me!

24. DO YOUR TAXES! I mean... really.

25. Put yourself out there. If you have a brilliant idea(s), put it out there! Don't hide your GENIUS! You'll regret it. The world needs what you have to offer! (See #2)

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