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22 Lessons I've Learned by 22

You get wiser with age, right?

  1. Life isn't automatically happy. You have to bring happiness to your life.
  2. Genuine people are rare. Few people are raised correctly, and few have any regard for those who aren't themselves. Remain as genuine as possible, and keep genuine people around you, even if that means dropping a few friends. 
  3. You might have to work for things other people are just given. There will always be spoiled people, but spoiled can only do so much. Don't get discouraged at the privilege others may have over you and continue to work hard for what you want until you get it.
  4. How you are perceived by others may not always reflect how you perceive yourself. It is important to not let how others view you affect how you feel about yourself. However, if you are noticing repeated problems with friends or in any type of relationship in your life, it may be time to look in the mirror and come to terms that you might be the person in your way of happiness, healthy relationships, or success. Don't get caught up in other's opinions, but if you continue having the same issues with different people, you may need to make some adjustments. Nothing is wrong with accepting who you are (and that maybe you have some jealous admirers) and nothing is wrong with realizing your attitude needs an adjustment.
  5. Allow your expectations of others to be adjusted based on how they treat you. Instead of repeatedly allowing yourself to be disappointed, hurt, etc. by the same person, adjust what you would expect of them by what they have already shown you they are capable of. The same way someone proves to you that they are a good friend, partner, etc., they will prove to you that they are a bad one.
  6. Being nice, civil, or respectful to those you do not particularly care for is not "being fake." One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone will say that being nice to someone you don't particularly care for is "fake." It is being mature. 
  7. Make time to be lazy, but do not let it keep you from being productive. Yes, time manage, but manage your time well enough to spend a few hours doing absolutely nothing. Consider it your mental reset.
  8. Take life day by day, tackle your workload day by day, and keep your "bigger picture" in the back of your mind. Up until recently I would easily get overwhelmed by my responsibilities and what was expected by me. I work 15 hours this week, have four papers, two tests, three quizzes and a project due this month, four sorority events, a friend's birthday... I'll never do this all and get good grades and now I might lower my GPA and chances of getting into the grad school I like! STOP THINKING THIS WAY. Think in short term, for long term benefit. If I take on my responsibilities by what have immediate needs and future needs, it takes away a lot of my stress and concern, giving me a clearer mind to do other things. Apply this daily and you can handle your life much more easily.
  9. Budget money to treat yourself. You're working for your money, you should enjoy some of it! Just make sure you take care of the necessities first.
  10. Learn how to prioritize. Pretty self explanatory. Get your sh** together! 
  11. Drop those who believe "if you mean something to them, they will make time for you." We're all busy in one way or another, and I shouldn't feel obligated to spend the little free time I get sitting on my phone texting people so they know they are important to me. Adult friendships are not constant or even consistent in contact or how much we see each other. 
  12. Life is too fragile. Tell the people you love that you love them every chance you get. Be sentimental. Create memories as often as you can.
  13. Let go of bitterness. If something has already happened, do not continue to carry it into another day. Learn your lessons, accept your losses, and keep it pushing.
  14. If it doesn't impact you or your life directly, stop carrying such intense emotion about it. What someone else chooses to be, to do, anything—if it does not directly involve YOU, it is not your business to get bothered by it.
  15. Learn how to be accepting, not just tolerant. Society's views are ever changing, and this is in part due to new educational findings. Do not merely ignore something because it does not impact you directly, and do not dismiss it because you refuse to educate yourself on it. Ignorance is bliss, but ignorance is also counterproductive. 
  16. Allow others to have an opinion, especially if it is different from yours. You do not need to comment on everyone's status or post that does not line up with what you believe. Just because their opinion is not the same as yours does not make it wrong, and you have absolutely no right to tell someone their opinion on something is "incorrect."
  17. Don't plan your life, outline what you want in it, and work towards achieving it without time restraints. You try to plan, and the universe laughs. Work diligently for what you want, but don't set yourself up for frustration or disappointment!
  18. Don't expect people to have the same heart that you do, follow the same morals as you do, or be the same type of friend as you are. No one comes from your same family life, background, environment, etc., and that all goes into who we are as a person. You may be lucky enough to come across a few people who match what you give, but don't get hurt over those who do not. 
  19. Success is not linear. You have to have your bad days to appreciate the good ones, and your failures to learn how to succeed the next time around. You'll get there, but it won't always be smooth sailing.
  20. Check in on your friends and family members, even if they seem to be ok. Life is hard for everyone, and some people are better at hiding their emotions than others. Don't ever assume someone does not need your attention or love.
  21. Do not rely on other people to be a part of how you identify yourself, feel about yourself, or feel about your life. You are your own person, to the very core. Create a self that feels complete on its own, and love it for all that it is. 
  22. Build a life centered around what you want, what you love, and what makes you happy in the least selfish way possible. Self explanatory—only surround yourself with what you consider to be good things and set out to prosper in happiness. It will be constant readjustment, but that's all that life is.
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22 Lessons I've Learned by 22
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