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20 Things to Remember Before You’re Old as Shit

The More You Know...

Let’s jump right into this before your hair turns grey and ya bones get to crack-a-lacking. 

1. It is YOUR life that you are living. Don't let anyone tell you how you should live it—there are no instructions to life.

This is pretty self explanatory. You don't need the pressure of others to shape who you are. I've seen so many people who've settled with other people's choices, miss out on their own passions and desires because they were trying to please too many people. I was one of those people. Individuals who try to direct your life, are possibly projecting their life mistakes onto you, and also their desires to correct them THROUGH you. Taking advice on personal matters in your life is essential, but letting someone have complete control over what you do with your personal matters, is a whole other problem within itself. 

You can't be yourself when you follow orders from someone else. 

2. YOU are responsible for your own happiness. No one else holds that responsibility.

Is you hearing me? ‘Cause I ain’t finna say the shit again...

3. EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Learn to accept the conflict, the up-rise and the downfalls in life.

Learn to accept all of it as it aides you in your growth. Understanding the reasoning behind everything—seeing things from both ends of the spectrum, and not just focusing on the effect things had on you—helps in building your character and gives you a chance at clearing some of your karmic debt. 

4. Not everything you lose is a loss.

Whatever  you have lost, be it a relationship, a loved one, or even something material—the universe opens up your opportunities to have that loss be your strength and your gain. Those Ls aren't really Ls if you think about it. Take that time the universe is giving you to be better and win from it. Everything all comes back to you in some way, shape or form—just be on the look out for them signs.

5. Think. Before. You. Make. Any. Important. Decision. Ever.

If it's a life changing opportunity—don't be dumb and rush into it. Sleep on it, take a few days to weigh out the pros and cons...but don't take too long, because then you'll really end up "sleeping" on it.

I try to follow the "Holy Three"— 3 Things that have to be considered when I’m ever faced with taking a life-changing risk. 

If an opportunity:

1.) Benefits you personally

2.) Benefits your loved ones/family

3.) Benefits you financially

You take it.

6. Encounter people in your life with the same mentality/goals as you.

You best believe that birds of a feather will flock the fuck together. Hanging around broke people will have you broke, hanging around lazy people will have you lazy. Aspire to surround yourself with people who not only say what they're going to do, but actually do what they say they're going to do. 

Elevate the people around you and watch you elevate in life.

7. Always LISTEN to good advice when it comes to a situation... but the overall decision on how to handle it, will always be YOURS.

Be mindful of taking the advice you get from others, because you can end up making choices that weren't directly fueled from your own mind and heart. Let your yes be your yes, and your no be your no. If anything happens, the only person you'll hold responsible for anything is yourself, and that's better than putting the blame of your actions on the words and advice of others. 

8. Pride will block your blessings and it is not your fucking friend when it comes to help.

If you need anything, don't be afraid to ask for help and guidance. It can really launch you into receiving those blessings you never knew you needed. Stop being so hard-headed and take the help when you know you need it. 

9. Keep and maintain the bond between your family and friends.

Time is precious and tomorrow is never promised. Whatever good relationships you have with your family or friends, please do all you can to keep them. Find the time to make memories and value your loved one's presence before it is no longer present.

Try to come up with things to do with the squad and make them into a tradition that'll keep everybody linked for a lifetime. Make sure it's lit as fuuuuuuck. 

10. NEVER be afraid to do new things.

If you ever decide to pass up on an amazing and fun opportunity, you will regret it later on in life when you're old and your bones are weaker than Iggy Azalea's rapping skills. Life's too short to not break out of your shell. If it gets you excited, if it makes your heart race, then do it. Be adventurous!

Get a start on your "Fuck It, Bucket List" before you get grey hairs and end up taking milk of magnesia.

11. You are allowed to say "no" to anything you're not comfortable with! Never be a pushover!


If you're not okay with something, speak your mind. Don't be pushed into doing or saying anything you know you aren't okay with. People might start acting funny once you put your foot down, but at least you know how they really act towards you when they don't get their way with you anymore. To protect your energy it is okay to say “no” to things and people.

12. Don't be afraid to spoil yourself every now and then.


There's definitely more than one way to splurge.  Go ahead and indulge in eating that extra piece of cake, buy those new shoes—or just relax and have some quality you-time. If you're working hard for yourself, you deserve to be a little spoiled when it comes to pampering yourself and your lifestyle. Just don't go overboard, splurge a little at a time— you still need to pay them bills, hun. 

13. Keep your personal goals and personal life private. Your come-up is no one else's business but your own.

If you're not careful, you could end up telling the wrong people all of your steps to success. You'll end up sabotaging your own come-up before it even starts. Lay low and form the blue prints. Get some things started, and once you get things rolling, then you find the right time to alert the masses. Once you have a solid plan and stable foundation, there won't be any chance of negative people tearing you down from the ground up.

14. Always stay productive, versatile, and resourceful.

You won't be able to progress in life by being lazy, rigid, and ill-knowledged.

  • STAY PRODUCTIVE. Don't talk about it, be about it with everything you do. Don't put things off to eventually never do them. To me, there's no such thing as “procrastination”—if it's really important to you, you will have it done.
  • STAY RESOURCEFUL. If you're going to excel and build stable bridges with people, you want to be credible and not be seen as an unreliable source. If you got the facts, back them up—keep your wits about you before you get caught up in some mess.
  • STAY VERSATILE. No matter what you do, you are always promoting yourself because you are THE brand. To be successful, you must always keep people on their toes. Staying the same creatively, will eventually burn you out and could put people off to the things that you'll possibly do in the future. You can keep up with the trends, but a true trailblazer never sticks to them. Do unique things that you know will break some serious ground—you're only as good as your last breakthrough.

15. Sit back and observe every situation and person that comes into your life. That way, you'll never be surprised when things come out of the wood works...

Trust your intuition when it comes to someone's true self. Believe that's how they are from the first moment you see; be very careful of people's motives and ways. Seeming nice and looking great means nothing. Watch how Mr./ Ms. Dreamy treats people— it's all through actions. Integrity is everything.

16. HAVE NO REGRETS no matter how many mistakes you've made throughout your life.

What's done has been done. You can't take it back, but you have all of your life to correct your wrongs... just don't feel ashamed of having made mistakes. *Inserts that fucking annoying Hanna Montana song* 

17. Let people that don’t fit in your life the fuck GO.

If you’re getting universal sign after universal sign that it’s time to let someone exit your life, DO NOT BLOCK THE DAMN DOOR. If they’re doing everything opposite of loving you and treating you the way you’re supposed to be treated, you need to open that door and hope it hits them in their genitals on the way out. 

18. Love yourself at all times.

Love your body, love your mind, love your heart, love your spirit. If anyone tells you that they don't love you, you know the #1 person who always will, and that is you.

Take every day as an opportunity to uplift yourself and become better. Everything starts with you.

19. Your body. Your rules.

If anyone feels any different about that, punch them in the chin. 

20. Count your blessings.

Things may be getting out of hand in your life, but you must learn to still be thankful for things that are positively effecting you in your life. I may be broke, my ex/child’s father is a giant cunt sent from Hell,  my job sucks ass, and I may be tired. But at least I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in my stomach, a happy and healthy baby who is loved and cared for, and I have my family and friends who make this life a little less stressful. So there’s that. ☺️

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20 Things to Remember Before You’re Old as Shit
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