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2 Reasons You Are Unhappier Than You Should Be

Let's fix that!

Why do we waste so much time with the green and red guy?

#1 There is so much power in your focus.

One thing that is nice about being a human being is that we have the ability to focus. You may be thinking, why is that so great? We can choose to focus on whatever we want when we want. That should be the best news ever! Think about that, we have the ability, day in and day out, to focus on what we personally want to. Now whether that is thinking about what makes you happy, what you want to come into your life, or what is going wrong in your life, YOU have the choice. That power gives you the ability to feel good more of the time even though for most of us it is doing the opposite.

Try this for me, start paying attention to what you are focusing on throughout the day. If the majority of your focus is on things that are making you unhappy, recognize that and cut it out! Stop yourself right then and there and readjust your focus to something better. What I mean by better is something more enjoyable to think about. Might not even be a different thought just massage your current thought into a better feeling thought/place. Because the ability to focus gives us the ability to think about what we want, feel how we want, when we want. Thoughts come in and out of our head all day long but how often do we filter out the bad and keep the good. Instead we usually give each thought its fair share of runway time. Just like any working system, it is necessary to filter, clean out the bad, and give more of the good for it to function well. If you don't things start to break down. You will notice that what you focus/think about throughout the day is how you’re going to feel and go through your day. So wouldn’t you want to be deliberate about it? You can do that by focusing on positive aspects of your life and good things that are on their way into your life. But what is the average person focusing on? Probably how overweight they are, why no one likes them, how bad their job is, and so on and so forth. You will notice the people that do this are the ones that have bad things show up in their lives, more experiences that match how those thoughts feel. What would happen if they focused more on that they are healthy, have some good relationships, and are excited for future events coming up? More experiences like that would then follow, giving them a better and much happier life experience day to day. Because after all it is about the journey not the destination right?

#2 You have some bad habits.

Following closely behind the topic of focus is habit. Going off of what was mentioned above, is that you have the ability to feel how you want throughout the day. If you have that ability why would you let yourself be unhappy a lot of the time? The answer is HABIT. It’s just a lazy bad habit you have fallen into. You haven’t cared to change your thoughts or your focus all of your life. Day to day you just kind of go through the day thinking about whatever and focusing on any thoughts that filter through your head.

It takes some practice, but you can break those lazy habits. Realize when you are thinking of something that is making you unhappy and stay on that subject for as little of time as possible. Change your thoughts and change your mood. Try it right now. Stop and think back to a time you could not stop laughing. Find that memory or experience and really feel what that felt like. Stay in that place for a minute and enjoy it. I promise you whether you are thinking of an old memory, pretending to be happy, just smiling, or thinking of something in the future, it will affect your mood in a positive way. A lot of the time people will just think to change my thoughts change my thoughts, so they do that and nothing happens. But the emotion behind the thought is missing and that is the most important part. I can think I am happy all I want, but if I’m just saying it and still feeling depressed it does no good. Feel the emotions behind the thoughts and shift your vibe with them. Take back control of your happiness!

There are a lot of things we can focus on out there. So why turn that focus on anything that doesn't make you feel the best you possibly can. Listen to what makes you feel good and put your focus there for a while. 

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2 Reasons You Are Unhappier Than You Should Be
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