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2:06 AM

Idols and Originality

So it's far too late for me to be awake right now, but I can't stop thinking about something. I've recently been taking advantage of the supposedly "open" message boxes of celebrities I follow on Instagram. It started off as just me responding stupid things to their stories, having zero expectation that they would actually see it. And if they so happened to see it, I highly doubt they would respond to me. But then I started using it as another way for me to actually try and reach out to these people I think so highly of. I'd catch a glimpse of something we had in common that we could relate on and I'd use it to try and form some kind of connection through it. 

It's like I felt like I had found some "in" with them, a way to finally have them grab ahold of this hand I've had outstretched for them since I became a fan of theirs. And I'd ride that high of the potential of them reaching out to me this time that's somehow increased since we now have something in common. But the more time that went by of radio silence on their end, I became kind of devastated. Like somehow they've performed some kind of injustice on me by intentionally ignoring me. This isn't the case in the slightest and even if it was, they are still people and they really don't owe anything to anyone. We aren't entitled to anything from these people, not in any circumstance except for some rare few. No one, in general, owes anyone anything. Sometimes it's just really hard to remember that, or at least for me, it is. Especially when it comes to celebrities. It just seems like these people have so much to give. This infatuation with this idea of a person that we most likely know absolutely nothing about can kind of take over, I guess. 

These people just seem so much bigger than us, they have so much influence that somehow their validation is worth more than anyone else's. But the more I think about it, laying in bed with sad songs blasting in my old apple headphones, there are so many people trying to reach out to their idols just as I have been. There really is no such thing as being entirely unique. There are 7.4 billion people on this Earth so there is absolutely no way there isn't someone like you in some way. There is a reason these people are celebrities. They have a following. 913,963 people including myself follow one of favorite actors on Twitter and even though he has favorited two of my tweets doesn't mean he hasn't liked 6,782 other tweets. There's this whole thing about 'you are the only you there is' and that's completely true, but it's damn near impossible to find that one thing that makes you different than 7.4 billion people. Makes you feel pretty small, huh? Now you see why I want to try and get this stuff out by writing it down? It just keeps running around in my head otherwise and I'm just left to deal with it by myself. I think I just need to stop zooming out of my picture so much. It's much bigger than it needs to be. Yeah, compared to the entire universe, we're insignificant. 

But you're still alive, living YOUR one and only life. So zoom back in. You won’t be making your picture smaller or any less significant. Every life is significant. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be here. You don’t have to take everything in the entire world on your shoulders in order to be relevant. So take be kinder to others and be kinder to yourself. You’re the only you there is!

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2:06 AM
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