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10 Reasons To Pack Up and Leave Right Now

Just Go!

About four years ago, I packed up all of my stuff and just moved away, in the matter of a week. It was by far, the greatest and scariest thing I have ever done and even though when I got to where I was going I didn't have a place to live or a job right away, I managed and everything worked out. I grew so much in the first month alone and I have never been happier! This is 10 reasons why, if you aren't happy in your current situation, you should pack up and leave.

1. Location, Location, Location!

If you can honestly say that you are not happy with your life right now, you need to make a change. And changing location is huge. Do you live in a place where the air hurts your face and wish you didn't? Leave. Do you love the snow? The mountains? The beach? Leave, go! Now! Get there and be in a place where you can be outside an enjoy yourself. Being able to walk out your front door and enjoy the view and the air is the most calming and pleasing thing you can do for yourself everyday.

2. The Pace of Your People

Maybe you're unhappy with the people you're spending time with. They aren't moving at the same pace as you. Moving away is a great way to find a new group of people and really branch out. You move and you meet new people at your new work or in your new apartment building or at your new favorite bar! Moving is a guaranteed way to change the pace of the people around you. And you don't have to lose all of your friends if you move away from them. The ones who are really your friends will be happy for you and stay in contact.

3. Mental Health

Moving away is mentally liberating. Especially if you've been in the same place for a really long time. It opens your eyes to new experiences and relaxes your mind to know that life doesn't always have to be the same. It's almost like an escape from the reality you thought you had to live.

4. The Power

Packing up and moving, just like that, in a small time frame gives you a sort of crazy power. It gives you the realization that you can really do anything you set your mind to. Weather you realize it's happening or not, you suddenly become more open to new opportunities and you'll find yourself so much more willing to go after what you desire. You packed up and moved in less than a month/week/day. You can do anything!

5. Out With The Bull

I know it sounds like running away... and it kind of is. But it does give you a chance to get away from all of the bullshit or drama going on in your life. You don't need that unnecessary stress and maybe the reason you can't get away from it is because you are so physically close to it. As you move away and people and things fade from your life, so does a lot of stress that turns out, isn't actually that important.

6. Rediscover Yourself

In the fast paced world we live in, it's sometimes hard to set everything aside and really look at yourself and ask if this is what you want. When you move away, it pretty much forces you to ask the question "is this what I want?" It puts you in a position to really look at what you want to do career wise and what really makes you, you. You relearn who you are as you travel and learn about the city or countryside or wherever you moved to. But in how you decide to learn about your new home, says a lot about who you are and what you like. Sometimes you really have to step out of your comfort zone to see that over the years, you lost yourself.

7. Right Now

The "right now" part freaks out a lot of people and it freaked me out a little too. But here's why I did it and had to "right now": If I didn't do it right then, I never would've. I had talked about moving away a thousand times and put it off for different reason; when I save X amount of money, when this season is over, when the holidays are done, when I've been with my SO long enough to ask them to move with me, excreta. Moving away right then didn't give me the chance to overthink it. It was just exciting and scary. It also gave everyone around me a lot less time to try to talk me out of it.

8. Family

I'm sure at least some of you are saying "What about my family? I'm not sure I can move away from them." You can. They are your family. No matter where you go, they will always be your family. You can always visit them and they can always visit you. It's not like you won't see each other on holidays and call each other still. Your family might not be happy about your move at first, but if you explain to them that you're doing this so that you can try to be happy again, they'll support you. That's what family is for.


This is a big one. New places have different foods! (I know, mind blowing concept, right?) Sure, you have your favorite places to eat where your at now, but if you've been living there your whole life, exactly how many times have you eaten there? Going to a new place gives you the opportunity to discover new foods or maybe just better versions of the food you already eat.

10. There's No Better Way To Start Over

That's it. There really is no better way to start over if you aren't happy with where you're at either location wise, in your relationships, in your job, or even just in life in general. Moving away is a great way to say "This is not what I want and this is not who I am and I am going to do something about it!"

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10 Reasons To Pack Up and Leave Right Now
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