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10 Items That Are Sure to Raise Your Vibe

Little Reminders to Help You Get Through the Day

We all know just how vital it is to keep our energy high and positive. We know our mindset will ultimately define our life, and all we manifest into it. Sometimes staying positive is a lot harder than it sounds though, sometimes we could use a little reminder. A little something to uplift us, a subtle touch of our higher delves. 

We've searched the market for a few simple items that will surely keep you high vibin' and here's what we found:

10 items that are sure to raise your vibe:

1. Breathe Love Tee

You can get it here.

This tee is an adorable reminder to live through love, not fear. Choose to live, be, and grow through love. Even when days get tough, a simple tee like this can inspire you to take a deep breathe, and refocus. It'll also show those around you that you're here to approach things with love.

2. Good Vibes Leggings

You can get it here.

Headed to yoga? For a jog? Just lounging? These leggings are a perfect reminder to keep it light and happy. Super comfy and great way to show off your happy spirit, everyone will be asking where you got them!

3. Namaste Backpack

You can get it here.

How freakin cute is this?! This is a simple bag you can bring traveling, to work, or school. It'll be with you all day to remind you of what's important: seeing each other's soul. My soul honors your soul. I see the divine in you. I respect you. I love you. As you are a reflection of I.

4. Namaste Coffee Mug

You can get it here.

Or better yet! A coffee mug! You just can't have a bad day if you're drinking your morning cup from this adorable mug. 

This is the ultimate manifestation tool if you ask me!

5. Stay Wild Hoodie

You can get it here.

This inspiring hoodie is the perfect item to have in your closet. Need a boost in mood, just pop this cozy sweater on and you'll feel 17 again! Grab your hoodie, camera, and head out for a crazy photoshoot in the wilderness. It'll inspire you to be wild, free, and high vibe.

6. I'm With The Plants Tee

You can get it here.

For all my vegans, vegetarians, and plant lovers alike! If you love plants and feel that the world would be a little better if we all chose the plant life, then this tee is for you!

7. Earthling Onesie

You can get it here.

Okay, but how cute is this? Start your little ones off on the right path by teaching them they are children of the Universe, children of the Earth. This little Earthling onesie is perfect if you love buying your little ones clothes that live along your message of spirituality. 

Plus, let's be real, we all feel a little less guilty about buying stuff if it's for our kids.

8. Goddess Tee

You can get it here.

That's right girl, you are a Goddess. And you know it! This shirt will help to remind you of it. It's so important to witness the divinity within yourself, and to express that! We're all goddesses, and from goddess to goddess, I seriously recommend this shirt. ;)

9. Sun Child Crop Top

You can get it here

For the free-spirited sunshine lovers, this tee is both adorable and uplifting. You are a child of the sun, the stars, the ocean. Bask in it. The glory of our fiery sun should be recognized, at least I think so! Perfect for the beach and time spent outside.

10. What would my highest self do? Bracelet

You can get it here.

This is the ultimate mindset tool. You can constantly check in with yourself and ensure you're acting from your highest self. Problems at work? Kids won't stop yelling? A fight with the hubby? You can always look down and be reminded of what's important. With this, you'll always be able to check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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10 Items That Are Sure to Raise Your Vibe
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